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How the UK can plug the productivity gap – City A.M.

Inclusive productivity growth matters, to spread the gains. The UK has a large number of low productive sectors, five of which account for one-third of UK output and half of jobs. Also, inclusive relates to addressing the large regional variation, including the huge gap in productivity between London and other cities.

How the UK can Plug the Productivity Gap – …

The UK has a productivity gap across regions, within regions, and within sectors too. Moreover, diffusion of productivity gains is low. That is, the benefits enjoyed

Budget 2017: Can Digital Plug The UK’s Productivity Gap?

There’s little surprise that the reactionary headlines to the Autumn Budget were centred on housing. In drafting his budget, Philip Hammond was under pressure to

How the UK can plug the productivity gap – One News …

Addressing the UK’s low productivity is more important than ever and whilst there is no magical solution.. • Business • One News Page: Friday, 13 October 2017

The workplace of the future and the role of technology

The recent report, The Workplace Advantage, published by The Stoddart Review, looked into how the UK can plug part of its productivity gap by re-assessing the…

ThinkFM 2016: Can workplace PLUG the productivity gap

Detail in the data. Leesman Index, an organisation that surveys employees in the UK and globally on workplace effectiveness, is supporting the project by sharing the

Bank of Scotland launches £500m fund to help plug UK…

Bank of Scotland launches £500m fund to help plug UK’s productivity gap. The asset finance cash aims to assist firms – especially SMEs – looking to invest in

Simple solutions to plug the workplace productivity gap

What simple changes can UK business and industry leaders make to help employees boost their workplace productivity? Here are four to turn things around.

Productivity in London is actually pretty good

Read more: How the UK can plug the productivity gap. Another is the corridor heading west from central London towards Bristol. This "band" is "the UK’s productivity engine". Separate statistics that chart productivity levels specifically among SMEs also reflect strength in the area immediately west of London. Those are the bright spots.

UK productivity gap widens to worst level since records

In the first half of the 2000s, the UK narrowed its productivity gap with the rest of the G7 to just 4 percentage points but the period since has seen that trend go

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